Supporting UK schools with direct finance for equipment, technology and vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What items can our school finance?
    SFD offer schools direct finance facilities for a wide range of equipment, technology items, vehicles and other assets that enhance student and pupil experience. Please visit the SFD Resource Library where you can download PDF information or watch a short video which covers most of the items we can finance. You will almost certainly find it very useful to have an initial chat with an SFD Account Manager

  2. How can I talk with an SFD Account Manager?
    Just call 0800 4880 529, we are here to help. You can also book a Zoom meeting via our Account Managers webpage.

  3. Can our SFD Account Manager visit our school to discuss the financing of projects?
    Yes, as soon as lockdown rules permit. In the meantime please call us on 0800 4880 529.

  4. Is finance available for independent schools?
    Yes, absolutely. Our range of finance facilities has been specifically designed to provide relevant solutions to independent and state schools.

  5. What are SFD Spotlight products?
    The SFD Spotlight page features a selection of products from our approved suppliers that are available to order together with finance costings.

  6. Where is Schools Finance Direct based?
    We are based in Herriard, Basingstoke RG25 2PN from where our Account Managers support schools throughout the UK.

  7. Do SFD operate 1:1 Schemes including parental contribution?
    Yes, the 1:1 Plan from SFD delivers technology for eLearning within a cost-effective fully managed plan. Contact your SFD Account Manager for full information.

  8. What if we are thinking about using the services of a finance broker?
    Schools Finance Direct is a principal lender providing schools with direct access to finance. Our facilities are not available via finance brokers and we do not pay broker commissions. You are of course completely free to seek comparative quotes from finance brokers if you so wish. Please contact your SFD Account Manager for further information.

  9. Our school has already ordered equipment from our local supplier, can we still finance it?
    Yes, SFD are very happy to work with your existing suppliers in a totally transparent and co-operative way. Please contact your SFD Account Manager who will be happy to help.

  10. When was Schools Finance Direct established?
    Schools Finance Direct is a division of Rivermore Finance Group, established in 2004, and was created as it's education sector specialist in 2020.

  11. How can we find out what finance options are available to our school?
    Our Account Managers are very experienced and extremely helpful. In the first instance please call 0800 4880 529 for an initial discussion where we can understand your requirements and objectives.

  12. Over what term can equipment be financed?
    Usually from 2-5 years depending on the type of asset and often longer for larger, longer life items. Please discuss with your SFD Account Manager.

  13. Can SFD finance agreements be settled early?
    Yes, agreements can be settled early and we will calculate an early settlement amount at the time of your request.

  14. What up front amount or deposit is payable at the outset of the finance agreement?
    Normally it is just the first monthly or quarterly payment that is payable at the outset. On Hire Purchase agreements the full VAT is usually payable at the outset.

  15. How much do we have to pay in annual administration fees?
    Absolutely nothing. SFD do not charge any annual, quarterly or half yearly administration fees. There are no hidden fees whatsover in our agreements.

  16. How much can my organisation borrow?
    Please discuss and agree this with your SFD Account Manager. Once agreed we will always confirm to you in writing.

  17. Are seasonal or bespoke payment profiles available?
    Yes, this can be agreed with your SFD Account Manager, subject to credit approval.

  18. Is security or guarantees required?
    Not normally, but if you are an independent school and part of a group we may request a group company guarantee. This will be advised within your credit acceptance.

  19. We are a state school, how can we be certain that our finance agreement is a compliant Operating Lease?
    We are confident that all SFD Operating Leases are fully compliant with current legislation. However, there are areas of interpretation within the legislation and you may wish to seek confirmation from your accountants, professional advisors or ESFA.

If you have any questions that are not yet covered here, please call 0800 4880 529 or 01420 88000 or email